Prepared Childbirth Classes


 I offer evidence-based information and practice which allows  you to approach and plan your birth and transition to motherhood  with confidence. Both full series and refreshers are available. Find out more below!

Birth Classes

Labor Doula Services


 The  challenging and life changing work involved in bringing your child into  your arms is a very intimate time, and I consider it a great honor to  be a participant. As your doula, I work for you to help you achieve the best birthing  experience possible. Get the details below!

Doula Services

Lactation Counseling Sessions


 Would  you like help and encouragement with breastfeeding in the early days without having to load yourself and baby in the car to go see a  specialist? As a CLC, I am trained to assess latch difficulties and  assist with positioning to improve milk transfer and decrease pain! Find more information below!

Breastfeeding Support

"The best money I EVER SPENT!" - Andre

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