Childbirth Classes

Did you know taking a quality childbirth class can decrease your pain in childbirth? Really!

Whether you desire an unmedicated or medicated birth, you will finish this series confident in your choices and coping skills! This is an evidence-based series of birth classes in Mobile, AL, covering everything from labor and birth to recovery and breastfeeding. The full series for first time parents has been revised into a 6 week, hybrid class to better fit our active lifestyles! Class content is available in an online series of video modules, along with other helpful links, that follow a class binder and manual. The videos can be viewed on your own schedule, in your own home. In our online classroom, you will be able to interact with me and the other registered parents who are following along with you. Twice during the series we meet in person in Mobile, just south of I-10, for group activities and hands-on comfort practice.  Please call or email me to register or to get more information. I would love to help you prepare for your baby's arrival!

Childbirth Class Activites

Complete Series Class Schedule


Current Series

  • Saturday,  April 11, 10am-12:30pm, Zoom Practice and Review Session 
  • Saturday,  April 25, 10am-12:30pm, In-person class, format to be determined 
  • Saturday, May 2,  make-up date for postponement of a class due to a birth 

Spring/Summer Complete Series - $225 per couple*

Tentative schedule is as follows ...

  • Friday, May 8, 2020, online content begins
  • Saturday, June 6, 10am-12:30pm, In-person class
  • Saturday, June 20, 10am-12:30pm, In-person class
  • Saturday, June 27, 10am, make-up date in case of a birth

 This would be ideal for due dates July - Sept. Sunday afternoons or Friday evenings are alternatives for the in-person classes depending on enrolled student need. Last day to enroll is May 3.  If you are interested and would like some input on the schedule, please contact me!

Summer Complete Series - $225 per couple*

  • Friday, July 3, 2020, online content begins
  • Saturday, Aug, 1, 10am-12:30pm, In-person class
  • Saturday, Aug. 15, 10am-12:30pm, In-person class
  • Saturday, Aug. 22, make-up date for class postponement due to a birth

This series works well for babies due September-November. As always, if you are due later and would like the info sooner in your pregnancy, you are welcome to attend this series! Last day to enroll will be June 29, 2020.

*Special Discount!!!

A $75 discount is available for the full class series for doula clients! Likewise, enrolled students who decide they would like my doula services (if I am not booked) will receive a $75 discount on my doula package. These 2 services work extremely well together! 

Refresher Classes

$50 per couple, for any one who has birthed before!


A single, 3 hour refresher class will be available as soon as we are able to assemble! We review the stages of labor, pushing and birth, and practice positioning, hands-on comfort measures and relaxation! If you are interested, please contact me - hoping to have one by May, typically held on a Sunday afternoon.

Contact me to register or find out more about any of my classes!