About the Beit

 This  is the Hebrew letter, beit (pronounced bay-et). It is also sometimes  seen spelled as beyt, bet, bait or bais. It is the second letter of the  Hebrew alphabet or aleph-bet. The  Hebrew aleph-bet is different from our alphabet in that the letters of  the aleph-bet not only are sounds to spell a word, but they are also  words and have meanings within themselves individually. The beit is the  very first letter or word that begins the Torah, in Genesis 1:1, the  verse that reads, "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the  earth." The beit represents "in" and the very first distinction of what is inside from that which is outside. It is also a  house, a separated place for dwelling. The dot in the middle of the  letter in my logo is called a dagesh, which represents one who lives  within, and determines how the letter sounds. With the dagesh, the beit  takes on a B sound, and without a dagesh, it takes on a V sound. I am  not Jewish by natural heritage, but I am a descendant of Abraham through  the blood of Yahshua, Jesus. I greatly appreciate the mystery and  meaning of such a beautiful language that is full of wisdom for those  who have the eyes to see it in the earth today.  

  I believe that the womb is a house or beit for a developing child, a  place of protection and distinction, a dimension where the child  connects with God while transitioning from heaven to earth. I also  believe there is a special place where a laboring mother who has a  relationship with Christ can be in God's house, in Him, and can be given  the strength and peace for the birth of the child. I aim to bring the Beit with me, and as the doula, to usher a mother into His presence for her birth. In John 17 Yahshua  prayed in the garden just before His death that those who would believe  on Him would be with Him and in Him as He is in the Father. This is our  beit in Him. As we lean into Him, we have access to all that He is, to  be able to do and to be that for which we were designed.  


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